A Baptist Catechism for Boys and Girls


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Part 6 - Questions about the Last Things

1. Q. Did Christ remain in the tomb after his Crucifixion?
A. No. He rose from the tomb on the third day after his death (Lk. 24:45-47; 1 Cor. 15:3, 4).

2. Q. Where is Christ now?
A. Christ is in heaven, seated at the right hand of God the Father (Rm. 8:34; Col. 3:1; Hb. 1:3; 10:12; 12:2).

3. Q. Will Christ come again?
A. Yes. At the last day he will come to judge the world (Mt. 25:31-43; 2 Thes. 1:7-10; 2 Tim. 4:1).

4. Q. What happens to men when they die?
A. The body returns to dust, and the soul goes to be with God or to a place of suffering and waiting for judgment (Gn. 3:19; Ec. 12:7; 2 Cor. 5:1-6; Hb. 12:22,23; Ph. 1:23; 2 Pet. 2:9; Rm. 2:5).

5. Q. Will the bodies of the dead be raised to life again?
A. Yes. 'There shall be a resurrection of the dead, both of the just and unjust' (Acts 24:14, 15; Jn. 5:28, 29; Dan 12:2).

6. Q. What will happen to the wicked in the Day of Judgment?
A. They shall be cast into hell (Ps 9:16, 17; Lk. 12:5; Rm. 2:8, 9, 12; 2 11 1:8, 9; Rv. 20:12-15).

7. Q. What is hell?
A. Hell is a place of dreadful and endless punishment (Mt. 25:46; Mk 9:43-48; Lk. 16:19-31).

8. Q. What will happen to the righteous in the Day of Judgment?
A. They shall live with Christ for ever, in a new heaven and new earth (Is 66:22; 1 Thes. 4;16, 17; 2 Pet 3:10-13; Rv. 21:1-4).

9. Q. In light of these truths, what should you do?
A. I should strive with all my energy to repent of sin and believe savingly in the Lord Jesus Christ (Lk. 13:23, 24; Jn. 6:27; Acts 16:31).

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 Ecclesiastes 8:14 (KJV)
There is a vanity which is done upon the earth; that there be just [men], unto whom it happeneth according to the work of the wicked; again, there be wicked [men], to whom it happeneth according to the work of the righteous: I said that this also [is] vanity.
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